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Exhibition Technology Trends 2017

Exhibition Technology Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

A few decades ago marketing material was dominated by the print industry, you’d probably come back from an event with multiple flyers and promotional merchandise that would end up in a draw or the shredder.

However, the latest innovations in technology have shaped the tradeshow industry into a fully blown interactive customer experience.

From paper to machines, projectors to touchscreens and magazines to mobile apps, the way businesses market themselves has changed rapidly in the last few decades allowing for more innovation and possibilities than ever before.

However more possibilities doesn’t necessarily make the job of marketing any easier, actually it becomes more challenging learning how to communicate with your audience in a new way and making sure you’re doing it right.

Augmented / Virtual Reality

The next big thing in the tech world is augmented and virtual reality, and as we see it come out of demo mode and into the commercial market, businesses are going to have to utilise it if they want to stay ahead of the competition.

Mobile Apps

Tradeshows have a short time frame so making the most out of the time you do have is important. The ability to geo-locate visitors is now possible with some mobile apps. Some apps can send notifications to a particular phone, making the visitor aware that your booth is close by.

Digital Signage

If you have no plans to include apps, touch screen and virtual reality into your event then incorporating digital signage is something to seriously consider. A monitor can replace unnecessary brochures and the content displayed on it can be updated from show to show.

Charging Stations

Think about it, event-goers are likely to be using their smart phones all day which we all know leads to one thing… the dreaded low battery notification. Why not create a phone-charging booth incorporating the design/theme of your stand? Passers by with low battery life will be drawn to your generous offering and could lead to a potential golden conversation.

These are just a few things we predict will be at the forefront of exhibition technology for 2017. How do you see the exhibition technology trends evolving in 2017? We’d love to know!

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