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The Benefits Of Using LED Video Walls

Our LED Wall Package is Now Available

Now more than ever people are embracing technological advances in exhibition design. Why? Because not only does it modernise your display it’s ten times more attention grabbing and likely to attract visitors to you. It’s a no brainer really.

We realised that sometimes all our customers want is an LED Wall so we reacted to the demand and now offer an LED Video Wall Package   at a fixed price. Making it easier for you to incorporate amazing technology to your display.

Whats more, once you try our video wall, other options like projection, printed graphics or plasma walls will surely be a thing of the past.We have a trained AV specialist in-house who has full knowledge of the equipment. Our product specialist will be present at your event to ensure proper use of the video screen.

boston scientific exhibition stand


A digital display gives you the opportunity to bring your stand to life, offering more flexibility over typical printed graphics.

Our LED screens offer a superb resolution and are suitable for a variety of applications; they will add a truly exceptional experience to your event.


We have years of experience in the industry and are more than happy to help you discover the best solution to make your event second to none.

From management to transport you can trust our team to deliver a reliable service second to none.


LED video walls are a flexible and eye catching product available to hire out for an event, they offer extraordinary performance and versatility.

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They are the brightest type of screen available and can be integrated into existing structures or simply stacked on the floor. If you want to grab viewers attention to your product or service lED is the way to go.

You can read all about the key features of LED Video walls here 

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