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How to Create Engaging Exhibition Experiences

How to Create Engaging Exhibition Experiences

The past decade has seen the way customers experience brands, products and services evolve dramatically. It’s no longer sufficient to just tell people what you offer; you have to engage and build a relationship with them. Making people loyal repeat customers should be your mission.

At Applemed we create brand experiences second to none, we focus on designing and building bespoke exhibition stands that have impact and succeed our clients expectations.

Here are our top tips to create an exhibition experience that’s proven & tested to increase engagement levels.

The Pre-Event build up

Don’t wait for the day of your event to engage with potential customers. Try initiating a buzz around the event; get the ball rolling with conversation across social (Twitter, Facebook etc). Having interacted digitally with you, people will be aware of your brand and likely to engage more with you on the day.

Creating a handy app that visitors can download is a great place to store all the information about your event, including directions to your booth, ticket purchasing and surveys.

Using social media channels to ignite discussions and share useful information is another great way to engage with potential customers and ingite pre-event buzz.

Create Your Brand Story

A brand without a personality is like a flower without a scent. What’s the point in having something that looks good but has no substance?

Having a brand story allows you to tell the tale of how it was born, the passion that helped it grow and it’s mission. An authentic brand not only helps you stand out but it gains you trust amoung others.

At Applemed, we use the latest technology trends to bring your stand to life. LED Wall displays can show your brand story in exceptional HD quality, an experience guaranteed to catch attention.

Know your audience personas

Understanding your target personas is a must for every business. It’s important to know about you audience’s personalities (hobbies, likes and dislikes, location, behaviours, lifestyle etc.), this is how you can tailor the experience to them. Using social media to find out more about those attending your event can be a great way to get to know your audience on a more personal, individual level.

Use all of the senses

Visual displays are easy on the eye but don’t neglect the other senses. By incorporating smell, touch, taste and sound into your exhibition stand you’re ticking all the boxes of customer engagement (obviously event depending – some may not be suitable to include taste etc.).

By pushing the boat out and giving your customers an all rounded experience, you stand a much higher chance of making an impression and staying in their minds. We can fit surround sound in your stand to give visitors a We have a catering team dedicated to providing delicious canapés, snacks and coffee, a design team ready to kit your stand out with the perfect furnishings.

The Element of Surprise

Doing something unexpected like offering a gift to visitors can be the starting point for conversation on social, attracting more people to engage in you by offering an incentive that gets people talking. Just make sure the gift is appropriate for the audience you’re targeting.

We’ve been in the exhibition and event management industry for decades Creating beautiful stands comes naturally to us.

Let us make a 3D design to show you the potential of your display, it’s 100% free with no obligation whatsoever, we just want you to see the potential it has.

You can either contact us here or give our friendly team a call today on +44 (0)29 2043 7720.

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