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Designing An Exhibition Stand

The Idea Behind Designing an exhibition stand

The importance of exhibition stand shape & colour

exhibition stand design ideas

You are always confined to your space, no ifs or buts about it. You’ve booked a space you need to stay inside that box.

However, that doesn’t mean that your design has to be restricted to boxes, rectangles, triangles, curves and circles made from the same materials in the same finish.

In my experience, its usually white! A practical option that’s cheaper for you, the client.

Why not step outside of the box of convention, maybe it is as simple as using your main corporate colour as the stand out colour of your stand.

So instead of white, your stand could be black with the inside walling a completely different contrasting colour, an electric blue for example.

Exhibition Stand Flooring ideas

Maybe instead of carpet on a platform or direct to the hall floor you could use bright coloured astro turf, this now comes in a verity of colours from “white” all the way back to convention of green.

Why stop there, this could even be fixed to the wall, a bit crazy I know (and you run the risk of your stand looking like it is something from the 70’s with a weird shag pile (grass) effect) but in the hands of the right designer and company this could be something really special.

Exhibition Stand Lighting ideas

Lighting on the stand, why does this have to be recessed spot lights or a slightly dull pendant light? Answer:- IT DOESN’T!

Talk to your account manager, designer, project manager and see what is relevant to you and see if you can push the boundaries of the box! Maybe go for an industrial light fitting or some cleaver bespoke lighting using LED tape in strips, or to create a glow give your stand mood / accent lighting. This isn’t always the best way to go granted as you still want your stand to be light and bright and show off your product but don’t be scared to ask your designer to experiment.

Exhibition Seating Lighting ideas

Seating doesn’t need to be what you can find in a catalogue from an exhibition furniture supplier, spend a little bit more and get something else off the shelf that is different and will make your stand unique.

Walking around exhibition venues, I tend to see the same Milano stools or Lem stools depending on which company you use, I see a lot of Eimes chairs as well. Why not look at something like the hanging bubble chair or the fold away Flux chair? These are just examples of chairs that are out there but you don’t tend to see them at exhibitions.

You can still get re-use out of them, after all you don’t just sit in a chair once :).

Recently I created some custom seating areas using pallets, breeze blocks and OSB boxes mixed together on the right stand this looked amazing.

Everything that is designed is based on your branding and if you aren’t afraid to loosen the rains a little bit from the corporate guidelines then you can create something that has gone from good to amazing!

Why not let us help you turn your stand into something unique with incredible impact? Contact us today and see the potential of your brand.

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