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How To Double Your Exhibition Stand Space

Renting space at a tradeshow can be seriously pricey, especially if you’re attending an event at large tradeshow venues like the NEC or London Excel for example.

So how can you save money without actually forking out to double your rental space? Well that’s easy, the solution is a double decker stand of course.

Double decker stands are a robust and innovative solution to increasing your exhibition stand space. After all, when you run out of room to build across why not go up!?

The Benefits Of Double Decker Exhibition Stands

Customer engagement & Privacy 

One thing you’ll find at tradeshows is that the bustling atmosphere is a recipe for distraction. This can often lead to potential customers walking past your stand or not giving you their full attention. Having a double decker stand gives you endless possibilities.

For example, manning the first floor you could have your best sales guys who can draw people in and demand attention. The second level could be dedicated to agents who know your services in more detail. They can build a rapport with the visitors in private making it more likely that they’ll remember you.

Increase Brand Awareness

Having a double decker exhibition stand means that you’re not limited to just one level to market yourself on. You have two levels where graphics, LED lighting and monitors can be applied to. This is another benefit because walkers by are more likely to see you from a distance. Don’t you want your brand to rise above the rest?

Be Unique

If you’ve ever been to a tradeshow you’ll probably notice the lack of double-decker exhibition stands. This is not because they’re vastly more expensive, it’s because a lot of companies like to stick to familiar ‘safe’ options they know have worked before. Why not stand out from the crowd and create a display that people will want to experience?

No obligation Free 3D Design Service

Sometimes it’s difficult to even imagine how your stand will look and whether it will function right on the day. We know it’s hard to commit to something before seeing a picture. That’s why we offer to draw a free 3D design of your stand so that you can see it’s potential. Why not have some fun and let us create a double decker stand for your brand? You’ve got nothing to lose and only more space to gain!

You can either contact us here or give our friendly team a call today on +44 (0)29 2043 7720.

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